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“Combining over 100 years of hard work and shared family knowledge”

About Swadeshi Jeewan

Welcome to the world of agriculture, travel, rituals, and knowledge. We are an India-based farming website that provides you with an insight into the world of farmers in different regions of the world. Read about organic farming and the lifestyle of farmers in India and abroad. Collect interesting knowledge facts, know the science behind the Indian rituals, and explore the top places to visit worldwide. Get to know about the Swadeshi Jeewan in the outskirts of India.


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Rituals and Science

Do you follow all the rituals like a laymen and know nothing about their origin? Don’t follow for the sake for your ancestors. Know the science behind each ritual and learn why we do what we do. From joining hands to say namaste to chanting mantras, everything has a logic, discover. Learn more.



Learn about the age-long ethereal science of learned scholars called Ayurveda. Read about the benefits of ayurveda in providing good health and wellness. Follow our history of ayurveda and trace its journey. Learn more.


Organic Farming

Many sections of farming remain untapped by the small farmers. Learn about the technique of organic farming and create awareness in farmers around you. Help them understand the benefits of organic farming and how they can do it. Learn more.


Knowledge facts

Collect interesting facts about miscellaneous topics and get significant information. Make your knowledge your power by reading about the lesser-known facts that can give you a clear perspective of things around you. Learn more.



Read about the lifestyle of farmers in different regions of the world. As we travel from one country to the other, many factors change the state of farming, resulting in different challenges and the production of crops. Learn more.


Place to Visit

Explore the world from our technical device and become a learned traveler. Read about the top places to visit worldwide, get budget-travel tips, learn about hitchhiking, and much more. All that you need to know about travel, we have it covered for you. Learn more.