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Rituals and Science

Science and rituals have always been moving hand in hand. In the Indian culture especially, there are plenty of rituals that few people find fake while others follow without knowing the science behind it. Being broad-minded, it is our duty to start taking up facts and understand its origin, history, and detailing instead of following because of the ancestors. Our motive is to collect as much information on this topic and help you find the reason/science behind each Indian ritual and custom you follow.

Science Behind Indian Rituals


Joining Palms / Namaste

It is an activity to greet people in India. Joining all the fingertips turns on the pressure points, which helps us remember that person for a long time.


Tilak on Forehead

Tilak is applied at the mid of the eyebrows, known to be the nerve point in our body. Applying kumkum presses the adnya-chakra and energizes the blood supply to facial muscles.


Bells in Temple

When we ring the bells in the temple, its echo lasts for 7 sec in our ears and activates all 7 healing centers. It then drains all negative thoughts and clears the mind.


Applying Henna on Hand

Heena is an effective medicinal herb whose application prevents stress during weddings. It keeps the body's temperature cool and nerves from getting tense.


Indian Women Wear Toe Rings

Indian women in India wear toe rings in their second toe. The science behind this ritual is that a nerve from this toe connects it to the uterus and passes to the heart. Thus, the ring keeps the uterus healthy by regulating the blood flow to it and regularizes the menstrual cycle.


Science of Fasting

The main cause of bodily diseases is the accumulation of toxic materials in the digestive system. To stay healthy and fit, it is important to clean the body regularly. Fasting gives rest to the digestive organs and speeds up the body's functioning.


Putting Sindoor in Hair Partings

Sindoor is an inherent part of all married Hindu women. The science behind it is the holy preparation of the powder. It is a mixture of turmeric, lime, and the metal mercury. The intrinsic property of mercury controls blood pressure and activates the sexual drive.


Wearing Bangles

The science behind wearing bangles causes friction with the wrist increasing the blood circulation level and reverts the electrical waves to one's own body.


Idol Worship

Hinduism considers idol worship as a part of their prayers. Having an idol in front centralizes the devotee's focus and increases the concentration during prayers since it believes that a man will shape his thoughts as per their sight.

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Importance of Understanding the Science of Rituals

Following anything blindly leads us to do it half-heartedly and creates less awareness in our upcoming generations. Understanding the science of Indian rituals will progress us to follow it with more interest and motivate us to spread our traditions worldwide. It is strange to believe but according to Eric Wildermuth, “the very act of ritual helps people achieve peak performance.” Despite irrelevant superstitions, following them improved the performance of those who believed in them. After a clear understanding of science behind these rituals, it can further increase the chance of giving the best shot.

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